Consider: Grow 1:1 On Death

Task Progress:

Having read the scripture, and watch the video, take soomoe time to answer these questions with the help of supporting scriptures. When finished, mark complete.

Question – What is Death?

  • Read Genesis 3
  • What did God say in Genesis 3:3?
  • But what actually happened in Genesis 3:21-24?
  • Did they really die, that is was God being honest?
  • What type of death was God talking about?

Question – What is Life?

  • Read John 3:1-16
  • How many types of life are there?
  • How many types of death are there?

Question – Are there Things which lead to Death?

  • What type of death is this being talked about?
  • What things lead to this type of death?
  • Are you doing any of them at the moment?

Question – What is Repentance?

  • Read Matthew 4:17
  • Who says we should repent?
  • Read Luke 18:9-14
  • What is true repentance
  • Definition: To Repent is to change your mind about something, and then as a result change what you do.
  • Do you agree with the above definition?