Consider: Grow 1-3: Baptism

Task Progress:

Read through these questions and scriptures considering them. When you are done mark complete.

Read Matt 28:18-20

  • What do you make of Jesus’ parting words?
  • What does he tell his disciples to do?
  • What is your understanding of Baptism?

Read Matthew 3:1-11

  • Why were people going to John the Baptist?
  • Why did some NOT go to John the Baptist?

Read Matt 3:13-17

  • What 2 things happened when Jesus was baptized
  • First – He received the Holy Spirit
  • Secdon – God declared his approval.

Why was Jesus Baptised?

  • An example for us to follow
  • Fitting to fulfill righteousness – it was what he was supposed to do.

What Baptism Does

  • Read Romans 6:3-6
  • What do you think it means?
  • It says “I am a Christian”
  • It is a change of identity

Read Romans 10:9

  • What does it mean to “confess you are saved”
  • It is a sign for everyone, that you are now in God’s family
  • Does Baptism do that?


  • Is God asking you to declare your Christian identity in Him publicly?
  • Is there anything hindering you from being baptised?


  • Talk to someone about Baptism
  • If there are hindrances – bring them up with someone so they can be worked through.
  • NOTE: We have a book on Baptism available online you can read at no cost.  


  • Ask God for grace in taking this step of obedience.