Consider: Grow 1-2: Faith

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Question – What do you think Faith is?

Take a moment and conclude for yourself what it means to have faith. We will then consider several types of faith that we see in the Bible.

Faith Type #1 – Head Faith, or Believing

  • Read James 2:19
  • What type of faith is that?
  • Who has this type of faith, but definitely is NOT a follower of God.
  • We call this type of faith believing, or belief.
  • It often depends on things we consider to be factual, or the way it really is.

Faith Type #2 – Heart Faith, or Trust

  • Read Psalms 37:1-8
  • What type of faith is this?
  • This type is called trust
  • Trust often comes from knowing someone, or knowing what they are like
  • It has an element of relationship to it.

Question – Why do We Need Both Types of Faith?

  • The second type depends on the first type.
  • Consider – Is there something Jesus does that you cannot do?
  • Do you need to put your trusst in Jesus for something?


  • What type of faith is found in John 3:16?
  • What type of faith does the criminal have in Luke 23:32-43


  • Search Bible Gateway for ‘faith’, ‘trust’ and ‘believe’ and see what you learn there.
  • PRAY: Ask the Lord to Increase your faith.