Consider: Grow 1-4: Impartation

Task Progress:

Read and consider the following scriptures and questions, then mark complete.

Start by rating what you think are your spiritual abilities

  • Knowledge of the Bible …  out of 10
  • Ability to pray…  out of 10
  • Ability to overcome temptation and sin… out of 10.
  • Most people conclude that they need some help.

John 15:1-8

  • What can you do if you have help from Jesus?
  • What can you do on your own?

Read Romans 1:11-12

  • What do you think Impartation is?  
  • This is where Jesus helps you through others

Impartation can be:

  • A prayer that another prays for you
  • Words of instruction and guidance given to you by others

What did Timothy Receive?

  • Read 1 Timothy 4:13-14
  • And how did he receive it?


  • Will an impartation help you in your walk with Jesus?
  • Who can you receive impartation from


  • Go to a spiritual leader and request impartation
  • Share with them them your thoughts and needs
  • Have them pray with you and lay hands on you.  
  • Do this regularly – more is better.