Here are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.  If you have a question that is not listed here, please use the form on the right side of this page, and submit your questions.

How are your courses structured?

A typical course is made up of units which must be completed sequentially.  Each unit often has material to read and or watch/listen.  Most units have a quiz that must be passed before moving onto the next unit.  Most courses have a major assessment at the end, which might take the form of a major quiz, or a small written essay.

Do I get a certificate?

It depend on the course.  For courses which do have a certificate of completion, this will usually be emailed to you after you finish your major assessment.  

Are your courses accredited?

At this time, our courses are not accredited by any government or tertiary institution.  However our courses are comprehensive and useful for equipping and training the believer and minister in service for Christ.

How Do I Get Started?

Please browse to the course page and the select the course you are interested in.  Once you are on that page, please click the button that says “take this module.”  As part of taking your first course, you will create a login to this site.  Please remember those details as you will need them to login and study.  Once logged in, there will be additional menu options available to you.  Please click on the link that says “My Courses” and commence your studies.

Where is my Course?

To see your course, you need to be logged in.  Please go to and login with the credentials you created when you purchase your first course.  Once logged in, you can then click on the “My Courses” link, or go to this page to find your course:

I can’t remember my login?

Please go to to reset your password and recover access to the website.

What payment options are there?

At this point we are not charging for our courses.

Do I have to pay the full unit fee up front before starting the course?

No.  At this point the courses do not attract any fee.

Can I download lectures, or must I watch online?

You need to be online to watch and listen to our materials.  If you have a smartphone, you can login online and listen while you drive or do other tasks and mark each complete as you finish them.  

Do I have to complete the course in a set time?

No.  There is no completion time for your study, however it is best to form a good habit of weekly study to make sure you get through the materials.  Delay can often extend for months and we wish to encourage all students in the pursuit of excellence.

Can I just listen or watch the materials and not complete assessments?

No.  It’s not possible to study without completing assessment material.  Each course is built in a sequential manner and you must complete one unit before proceeding to the next.  If the first unit quiz is not finished, you will be unable to move onto the next unit.  

Why did I score Zero on some assessments?

Some assessments are automatically marked, and you will obtain your score instantly.  Our major assessments to complete course all need manual marking.  For these you will initially see a score of zero, but later it will be adjusted to be correct.  Regardless of this, if you do not know the answers to a quiz, you may score zero for that legitimate reason.  

If I have any questions, what do I do?

For any other questions, please use the question form on this page, or alternately, please email

Do I have to be in Australia to study?

Our courses are online and available to anyone with an internet connection.  In addition we also periodically hold real life training events in various nations.  We will endeavor to notify all students when there are such events in their areas, so they can have the opportunity to attend.  

Are there other courses coming?

Yes.  We have plans to progressively develop a number of courses.  Please keep your eye on the blog at the main peace website where we will update everyone with information about new and upcoming courses.  You may also choose to join our mailing list to receive monthly updates to all things about ‘Peace’.