GROW – Part 1

Are you a new believer in Christ? Or have you been a follower of the Lord for a while, but need to start at the beginning. Developed by Pastor David Alley from Peace Christian Church, this course based on Hebrews 6:1-2 is designed to get you going in the Lord.


School of Apostolic Ministry – Module 1

All of God’s people are to be “apostolic” in nature, and this module defines and explains what that means, and how pastors and leaders should be teaching their people these values. Your thinking and ministry will not be the same after you complete this module.


Releasing the Power of Intercession

You are embarking on a wonderful journey of learning more about intercession and spiritual warfare, and you will be richly blessed as you undertake this course. You will find yourself equipped and anointed for the purpose of intercession.