John and Hazel Alley
Senior Minister – Peace Christian Church & Peace Apostolic Ministries.

John and Hazel Alley have been Christian Ministers for over 44 years. They have served as Pastors in various locations in Australia for 39 years and spent 5 years as missionaries to New Guinea. John and Hazel have been the Senior Ministers of Peace Christian Church for 29 years. John has travelled extensively nationally and internationally over the past 26 years and has become a spiritual father and mentor to many leaders, and a covering Apostle to many ministers and ministries. John has authored The Apostolic Revelation, The Spirit of Sonship, Building An Apostolic People & The City GateJohn and Hazel have 8 adult children.

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David and Judy Hood
Associate Senior Minister – Peace Apostolic Ministries.

David and Judy Hood have been in Christian ministry for over 44 years holding numerous leadership roles in several churches. They have been Christian Ministers for 25 years. David has been a member of the leadership team at Peace for over 26 years and Associate minister for over 22 years. David now works with John in the Apostolic Ministry and assists him with correspondence, visitation of ministers and international missions. David has ministered in 10 nations. David and Judy have 5 adult children.

David and Marie Alley
Minister – Peace Apostolic Ministries.

David and Marie Alley. David is John and Hazel’s eldest son and has been a Christian Minister for over 20 years. David spent 14 years as the minister of a local church and has since come to serve John in Rockhampton. David is the full time pastor at Peace, and also personal assistant to John in the Apostolic Ministry. In addition, David is the deputy chair of the Rockhampton Combined Churches Committee and leads and active role in prayer and development of mission both in Australia and Internationally.  David has travelled to about 20 nations and has led teams on apostolic mission numerous times.  David and Marie have seven children, one daughter and six sons.