Apostle John Alley and the people of Peace Christian Church were given a commission in 2002 to take an apostolic message to the nation/s. This was the year that John published his first book, “The Apostolic Revelation”.


We commenced travelling and holding Apostolic Conferences across Australia. It became evident there was a need for another vehicle to teach the message and the idea of an Apostolic school was birthed.

The first apostolic school was held in 2005 And was attended by a dozen or so ministers. These became an annual event and were held locally. The schools were live in and held over 4 days with 18-20 sessions of teaching, with allowance for questions, discussion, prayer and fellowship.

In 2009 we held our first international school in Bali, Indonesia. Since then we have held apostolic schools in many locations, varying in size and length. In some nations we have held several schools. We have held such schools in Canada, USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, India, Kenya, Uganda and more.

Although our team has now travelled to 40+ nations it is evident the task is greater than our capacity to go. The online school is an idea that was developed to provide the teaching to more people in more places to more rapidly spread the message. We also continue to hold physical schools.